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Rock Lee
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I think I must leave. Go back to my lonely apartment... though that won't change anything, really, I guess... Except I'll break all my stuff instead of Gaara-kun's.

But it is hard. I just can't help but feel like I'm leaving him along with the apartment. Ever since he disappeared to look for his Kyuubi and Ree, I have not seen a bit of him. But... he left me this place to stay in, and it is very difficult to leave that comforting feeling.

Still, all birds must leave the nest sometime! Ahahahahaha!! Besides, I can walk fine by now! I should be fully healed in no time!

...Why do I feel so alone though? Where is everyone?

Current Location: Gaara's apartment
Current Mood: lonelylonely

If... if anyone has the time, please please PLEASE come visit me! I am so alone here in Gaara-kun's apartment! I may be going insane very soon, and my body feels so STIFF and OLD and... *gasp* OLD IS THE OPPOSITE OF YOUTHFUL! WAAAAARGH! *breaks another object* Plus... ahahaha, if any of you have time, it will be much appreciated if you could help clean up all the broken glass in the house... ^^; Gomenasai Gaara-kun!

Come make Lee feel loved <3

Current Mood: lonelylonely



*hyperventilates and dies* x.x I really do get bored...

Current Location: Gaara's apartment
Current Mood: scaredscared

Yes, I know, long time, but I always forget this thing exists. >.<

Hinata-san is sooooooooooooo nice and sweet! She came by and fed my lonely self and so now I don't have to wallow in my pool of self-pity or break poke Gaara-kun's possessions out of boredom! I think I broke maybe ten things... I should be more careful.

Plus, she told me she would come over just to see me and take care of me! I couldn't have asked for anything better! Nobody stops by just to do that, except for an occasional Sakura-chan visit or that one time Kiba-kun came by... but that was a while ago. So was when Neji stopped by and Gaara-kun was here. Thank you, Hinata-san! ^_________^ You make my chair go spinny! Ahahahaahahaha!!!! *flings out of chair* AH! MAH LIMBS!!!

Current Mood: gratefulflattered

....Where has Kaze-kun run off to? ;___; *shudders all alone*

Current Location: Gaara's apartment
Current Mood: lonelylonely


I am torn up and broken in bed, yet I feel as if I haven't been happier!

Kaze-kun is the best caretaker! Really! He makes me feel warm and safe and he fills my needs! The hopsital can do that, but they definitely don't make me feel loved! Or safe... *shudders*

Oh, and I cannot believe I saw Neji at last! He has this... this micropurse that seems to hold hugemongous items that wouldn't otherwise had this been a sane world that abides by the laws of physics! I wonder what would happen if I stole it? >:D Anyway, he stopped by and.... ah, brushed... my hair... though I'm not sure why he would be so concerned about my hair. .__.;; Not to say it didn't feel good, just that if he wants to get tangles out, he doesn't have to pull so hard! And THEN... THEN he did something no Neji would ever do if they could help it! He painted my nails bright green! It's so pretty and cool weird. But other than that, he was a Neji.

And I also learned something new. Neji too lost his memory in the same way I had. It must have had something to do with our last mission together. At least it gives me an idea as to what happened... ah, this is hurting my head! Well, at least I don't feel so alone. Neji knows how it feels to have lost your memory and have no idea what you have done.

Oh... and Gaara-kun... there is this mess that needs to be cleaned up next to my bed. T__T Not only is it the curry, but a strange squishy thing seems to have wormed its way in overnight. Then it rolled under the bed. Don't worry! I could be hallucinating!

Current Location: Gaara's apartment
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: The... squishy thing? O__O;

Imagine my surprise to find Kaze-kun at my door, of all people! I was so happy and amazed, since I really wanted to see him and he lives so far away! I am grateful for him taking care of me. I got a bath and fresh bandages. Now I am staying at his apartment in Konoha, so I haven't been placed too far! I'm so happy...

Gai-sensei also helped me! He was the first one who came to me, as always! He helped me stay strong and also... ah, cracked my broken shoulder back into place which hurt like hell ;___;. I suppose this means the hospital won't get me. Sorry, Gai-sensei!

Other people have made things better. Even still, the memory of that evil night won't seem to fade. I had a nightmare.

Current Location: Gaara's apartment
Current Mood: relievedrelieved

If anybody sees me in pain, please do not question me! I am fine, really! And do not make me go to the hospital! I hate it there! They never allow me to train or get stronger. I don't want to rot in a hospital cot.

There is this person from far away who hurts me badly. He treats me like someone very precious; very kindly. Sometimes he is firm and rough. Other than that, he makes me feel good, but I do not like it.

After tonight and some rest, I will train myself to become strong enough that it never happens again. It will be difficult, but the lotus of Konoha blooms twice. I had a tough opponent. Getting... hurt and violated like this inside was simply punishment for not being capable enough. I promise! It won't happen again! Gai-sensei, it won't! It won't!

*Smiles weakly* There is so much to tell, but it feels impossible

Current Location: Back in my apartment
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: The Rasmus- Still Standing

I hear neji is around here! *looks right, looks left* >O.O< BYAKUGAN! nvm...

Gaara-kun Gaara-kun, I am really enjoying your company, but I think Konoha misses me as much as I do it. ;__; I miss my teammates and Gai-sensei, and Sakura-chan is probably waiting! Besides, I ran out of sunblock... *sniffle*

Youth waits for no one!!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Hai hai, so I heard the Chuunin exams were on the 29th of this month, ne? I NEED TO TEACH MY STUDENTS ALL THE TAIJUTSU THEY WILL NEED TO SURPASS ALL THEIR YOUTHFUL RIVALS IN THE EXAMS! BECAUSE IF THEY DIE, A PART OF MY HEART WILL DIE WITH THEM! I think Gai-sensei would say something like that!

All ten of my students will shine brilliantly. Not to mention I think they will fare a bit better than I ever had, since they are lucky enough to possess ninjutsu and genjutsu, unlike me. EVen still, I know I did well. I cannot wait to see what they can do! YOOOSHAAAA!

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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